Wrightline Wright Line Lps2420 Strip Outlets Coded Plug 15-20a 115vac Breaker

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Product Attributes: brand=wrightline wright line, mpn=lps2420, model=lps2420, surge energy capacity=not applicable, outlets=10, battery type=not applicable, coin cell diameter=not applicable, cable length=15 ft, product type=breaker protected power strip, input current=20 a, voltage compatibility=110 v, type=breaker protected power strip, features=20breaker protected, country/region of manufacture=united kingdom, sku=5007672898454321


Wrightline Wright Line LPS2420 Strip Outlets Coded Plug 15-20A 115VAC Breaker
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Very good overall condition, few minor surface 'dings. They've told us that even if both sides would be OK with a pickup in such case, the seller still get trouble for failure to timely or at all ship, because can't change shipping method free once checkout is complete, and there no way tell it was picked up when looking track able information from third party as FedEx. Because of their size fairly long in relation to weight, and how shippers charge not only by but also the box used total shipped weight, these will generally cost us proportionately more ship than something that weighed same fit into a much smaller. Rated specifically 115vac per label on the back, but presumably would operate properly 110vac-120vac.

The manufacturers name as shown on a plate back side of these is WRIGHT LINE, sometimes also referred to WRIGHT LINE with between two words. Sorry about this, but its rules, not ours. Original molded-on 20 coded ac power inlet plug ground pin plus 2 flat blades, one turned 90 degrees to the other not curved 'twist lock' type of. If you are pretty close to us, it might even cost us the least use priority mail, though these may weigh too much for that work.

Trouble for the seller means, among other things, being downgraded to a lower status, which raises sellers costs and can discourage buyers. The length being not an exact multiple of one foot may stem from fact that these were made for a USA based company, but actually manufactured in kingdom i. That company or at least some of its higher end equipment has since been acquired by well known electronics and power management Eaton. All 8 outlet's can take either a 'normal' typical household 15 grounded plug 1 grounding pin plus 2 flat blades parallel to each other, or the same type of 20 coded as found on end power strips ac inlet cord, because one two slots not counting hole in outlet is t shaped, thus allowing it receive see photos.

If you just pay what tells to at the end of offer, will automatically require us ship. In fact, a surge suppressor may be built so that it literally fries itself internally when hit with an incoming voltage surge, effectively sacrificing for the presumably more expensive piece of equipment its connected to. As I think not everyone is aware, a power strip the same thing surge suppressor, which depending on where and how either type item to be used both good bad these would fine with their circuit breaker protection for tools household equipment, less so sensitive electronic equipment can interrupted by more quickly than do, but like might cut tool sooner necessary. So if you are thinking of making an best offer, two things will increase your odds having accepted: 1 agree, as part or counter offer, to choose free local pickup with us before completing checkout more information below and how, when, make that choice 2 buy both these together, at the same time, ship a single address, which usually decrease our cost per unit ship, in turn willing consider cutting purchase price.

England Scotland wales where the metric system is standard for measurement and length. All outlet's were individually tested, and found to be fully functional including correct hot neutral polarity good ground when connected a properly grounded outlet, of course. Free local pickup: we are offering that as an option here, but please note: you have to choose pickup before finish checkout, or we'd ship instead. 20 externally resettable breaker protected, power strips.

The ac inlet cord is at least 15' long not longer than 16. The connected power cord is a bit over 15 feet long, but less than 16 so we are conservatively claiming foot ac length. Shipping: free economy class shipping, meaning we'll satisfies requirement that an shipped item should reach you within 10 business days after payment is completed plus 1 more day for our turnaround time to pack and ship, using the least expensive method also fits or less standard. In many cases, especially if you have an address that is considered commercial by the shipper sorry, a home based business at would otherwise be residential won't treated shipping company as and or located major urban center, we can upgrade your free to sent using fits with ins standard class rules, which for us generally mean FedEx ground delivery.

That would generally mean our using FedEx smart post, which means delivery should take place in 2 to 7 business days. These are foot long, nice dark color, metal cased not plastic. Best offer tips: these weigh 4 lbs. And if you're really close less than an hours drive, for example you might want to choose free local pickup more on that below.

The conductors hot, neutral and ground inside of ac inlet power cord are rated 12awg, which is not less than that required for a device to handle maximum combined load 20 amps. WRIGHT LINE power strip LPS2420, featuring ten 15 20a outlet's, coded plug ac inlet cord, plus 20 circuit breaker. They have at most very slight abrasion damage, no where remotely near exposing the inner conductors or diminished in strength integrity, not something you'd give a moments thought to needing 'repair' it any way.



  • brand: Wrightline Wright Line
  • mpn: Lps2420
  • model: Lps2420
  • sku: 5007672898454321


  • surge energy capacity: Not Applicable
  • outlets: 10
  • battery type: Not Applicable
  • coin cell diameter: Not Applicable
  • cable length: 15 Ft
  • product type: Breaker Protected Power Strip
  • input current: 20 A
  • voltage compatibility: 110 V
  • type: Breaker Protected Power Strip
  • features: 20breaker Protected
  • country/region of manufacture: United Kingdom


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